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Facility Management Staff: Workforce that shapes Bharat 

This article is the precursor to a detailed white paper on the facility management industry, to be derived out of conversations with millions of people in this and related sectors. This article aims to give a glimpse into the thinking of this workforce and demonstrate how a deep pulse on their behaviour, skills and mindset […]

Individualised Empowerment of the Low Income Workforce in BFSI: Key to the Industry’s Growth

Human centred Artificial Intelligence is needed to personalise empowerment of the BFSI workforce, leading to higher stability and better performance, ultimately enhancing industry’s growth. BFSI industry employs more than 72,00,000 citizens of India in the low income segment, belonging to field sales agents, debt recovery agents, document verification agents, branch upselling agents, calling agents, insurance […]

Our Growth is created in the Middle of Diamond India

This post is from the Thought Leaders Desk of Saksham, where we invite thought leaders to share their opinions on matters of national importance related to our mission of ending unemployment. Authored by Ashwin Srivastava, CEO of Sapio Analytics, this delves into a review and analysis of the concept proposed by Shashank Mani, founder of […]

Decoding the Minds of Low Income Facility Management Workforce: A White Paper

Attrition and productivity of the low income facility management workforce depends on how deeply we understand them, and this understanding has to go way beyond their performance and demographics. Companies working in the space of facility management need to decode each individual in their low income workforce, and understand their passions, desires, aspirations, behavioural traits, […]